Day 9 - 12/04/2021 Dingboche to Loboche

Published on 12 April 2021 at 07:48

We are up early at 4.30am to breakfast and leave the lodge to try and catch the morning sunrise as we head down the valley towards Loboche, its a chilly start to the day and the sun stays hidden behind a cover of cloud but the team stay positive and don’t mind the early start to get us to our next rest stop by early afternoon so we will have a few hours rest.

Our trek takes us through the Thukla Memorial to fallen climbers, numerous memorials from stones and rocks with plaques are set out around the area and we find ones for famous climbers Rob Hall and Scott Fischer, there is a quietness around the place as we see memorial after memorial to great men and women who have met there end in the mountains. We take a few photos and continue on our way 

We pass by Loboche and base camp setup for climbers summiting that mountain and continue on our trek gaining altitude as we go arriving in Loboche in time for lunch at our lodgings for the night, after a delicious meal were told to gather our things for an acclimatisation hike of around 400m, Nimsdai leads us up the mountain side and the lunch and warmth in the lodge must have tricked my body’s into going into a relaxed mode - my lungs are screaming for oxygen and I start to panic as we gain altitude and my breathing becomes more laboured, I feel like I can’t breathe at all and it takes all my willpower to slow my breathing and gain control to be able to continue forwards up the mountain side. At the top we stay for around 45 minutes to maximise the altitude gain and then head back down, a few of us drop into the world’s highest bakery for a latte and a slice of cake before we meet back at the lodge and try to clean up and sort our equipment out before dinner.

I head off to bed straight after dinner, its been a hard day and I’m keen to let my body recover with a good nights sleep - unfortunately barking dogs put paid to any chance of a good nights sleep but I rest anyway feeling a little nervous about the next few days after my ‘moment’ on the acclimatisation hike, hopefully everything will be ok.

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