Day 11 - 14/04/2021 Rest day in Everest Base Camp

Published on 14 April 2021 at 08:02

A welcome rest day today and a lie in until breakfast at 9am, the camp cook prepares a feast for breakfast with fresh fruits and cereal followed by a cooked breakfast  of eggs, mini sausages, vegetables and potatoes.


Ed, Dan, Gaz and myself take a walk back through base camp to stretch our legs and have a look around and take yet more photos - we take a break at the welcome point and share some stories before heading back to our camp all of us noticing our laboured breathing as we reach ‘home’.


The rest of the day is fairly quiet, we all try to stay awake to make sure our bodies are acclimatising as much as possible (when you’re asleep your body goes into a sort of suspended state and stops or slows its acclimatising so staying awake is essential).


After dinner the dining table is moved as its Nepalese New Year 2078 and whisky and champagne arrives from somewhere and all the Sherpa’s come into the dome tent for a party, the camp cook has made a cake and the whisky flows around the room at a pace, I don’t drink so I swerve the spirits and champagne and after a brief stay head to bed to get some rest, the Sherpa’s party until 11am and then its all quiet.

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