Day 12 - 15/04/2021 Acclimatisation Hike

Published on 15 April 2021 at 08:09

After breakfast we head out with Mingma David Sherpa through base camp to the Everest View Point at 5,600m, everyone seems strong and we reach the view point in good time to spend an hour or so getting a snack, hydrating our bodies and taking some photos - every stop often breaks into an impromptu photo shoot as we all try and get the best picture to send home and post on social media.


We descend from the view point at pace and its not long before the legs are burning but I just ignore it and carry on downwards back to camp, lunch awaits us on our return and again the cook hasn’t disappointed us, given our location the food is amazing and normally two courses brimming with fresh vegetables and fruit.


A chilled afternoon we sort out our own admin and sit around chatting in the dome tent, after dinner we watch a movie, the choice of the evening been Sherpa - the story of an avalanche disaster in 2015 when 15 Sherpas were killed in the Kumbu Icefall, our location only metres away from the icefall is not lost on Antoine and we watch the story unfold, a great movie and thought provoking for the Sherpa community and how they are treated but a little like watching an airplane disaster movie whilst flying! Its a quiet team that head to bed that nights, thoughts of our own mortality and families at home that we will each have to deal with during the night.


A team of Sherpas from our camp set out at 4am with a heavy carry load to Camp 1 and we each lay in our tents listening to the creaking and groaning Kumbu Icefall throughout the night with the occasional avalanche, praying for their safe passage through the dangerous territory, the Sherpa team will complete the climb through the icefall in half the time we will but the dangers are just the same and they are carrying up to 50kg each across the ladders and up the ice, they do the job through choice and with a love of the mountains but the risk reward calculation is surely skewed somewhat.

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