Day 14 - 17/04/2021 Active Rest Day

Published on 17 April 2021 at 08:17

Had an awful nights sleep coughing and listening to avalanches, my head is pounding as the altitude takes its toll and pretty much everything in my tent is frozen solid that wasn’t in my sleeping bag - trying to wash with a block of wet wipes more similar to a house brick than the soft and gentle on your skin advert on the packet is no fun start to the day!


Everyone looks to be lacking enthusiasms for todays training at breakfast although its a beautiful sunny day outside, we gear up and prepare to head out with Sherpa Geljin and a few others but not before Nimsdai gives us a morning pep talk/bollocking - he’s heard talk of people saying they aren’t confident on some aspects of the training or asking too many questions about things, that’s not his style and he quickly roasts us on ‘if we don’t know - learn it’, if we have doubts ‘cancel them’ we must attack everything and fix our own issues, if we have to stay up all night learning the right knot then do it don’t complain about it. He’s right of course and he’s the man with the experience - we file out like scolded school children but lesson learned and instructions noted.


The Sherpa’s have set up another training session in the Icefall for us to learn and practice ice climbing and a gruelling few hours ensues as we go up the wall, ice axe in each hand, crampon front points digging in to hold us and relying on the Sherpa holding the belay rope to save us if we come unstuck, its hard work but great fun and everyone gets involved with the Sherpas showing us how to climb seemingly impossible overhangs hanging in mid air from a single ice axe having only millimetres of its point embedded in the ice.


An afternoon of rope practice in the dome tent completes the day and after dinner exhausted we head to bed.

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