DAY 18 - 21/04/2021 Namche Bazar

Published on 27 April 2021 at 05:10

Mingma David never showed as the weather turned bad quickly and he was unable to make the journey to Namche Bazar but two colleague are around so they keep checking in on me.

I checked myself into the Kumbu Lodge and feeling sorry for myself asking for the best room they had, I think something was lost in translation as I was shown to the dungeon depths of the hotel (not even sure which bit is inside or outside) to a room with a view of the mountains but not much else in the way of heating, lighting or amenities. Being in property I’ve built a fair few ‘shell and core’ projects and this is the design style here, taken a little further to ‘shell, core and curtains’ but minimalist to say the least, I’m sure someone like Phillips Starke would charge handsomely to achieve this level of stripped back accommodation  but no worries I’m here now so best make the most of it.

They’ve gone for a clever different size curtain to glazing ratio look presumably so I get the morning sunshine streaming in and kept any wall art to a minimum with just a photograph of a goat.

The previous occupant has left me a pack of cards, some rubbish and most of their hair in the sink and shower and I actually double check that they have gone before I collapse into the bed and fiddle with the heated blanket until I can get some warmth into my back and lungs, moving is an effort and I try and rest as much as i can and stay warm but not easy when its so so cold everywhere.

I get some food from the restaurant upstairs and return to my bed and rest and sleep as much as I can, still hopeful a few days rest and warmth in this oasis of luxury will fix me up in no time.

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David Blakey
8 months ago

Sounds like the goat was the previous occupant!