DAY 19 - 22/04/2021 Namche Bazar

Published on 27 April 2021 at 06:45

A broken nights sleep firstly listening to the king sized rats scurry around the ceiling void above my head and the Namache canine chorus extended edition for several hours hours, what can dogs bark at for so long?

My cough is getting worse still and i lay under the heated sheet for as long as I can before i crawl upright out of bed and try and take a shower in the freezing bathroom, the shower nozzle is tiny but somehow has the ability to spray every corner of the bathroom including the toilet, sink, walls and window - I try to think of the positive that at least its getting cleaned and then get dressed and head up stairs for breakfast.

Wow - stairs, I hadn’t given those much thought, I climb them like a 90 year old wheezing and coughing and gasping for air, countering and swearing as I eventually arrive in the dining room, looking out the windows the weather has worsened and still no sign of Mingma David.

I meet Jenn Drummond, a mother of 7 attempting to climb the second seven summits, she’s joining the Elite Exped group and on her way up accompanied by a couple of friends, its a much needed bit of company and welcome relief to have some friendly faces around and a hug.

We all meet for lunch in Sherpa Barista Cafe later and I manage to get a haircut (of no fixed style other than ‘shorter’) and have a coffee in Namche oldest bar which is actually quite pretty in a dark cavern type of way, all the ceilings and floors adorned with football shirts from around the world signing by climbers. The owners huddle me round the stove fire to stay warm and we watch some unknown Jackie Chan movie on TV but after a while the excitement is too much for me and I move off back up the hill to the lodge to crawl back into bed.

Nothing eventful for the rest of the day other than the usual food, cold, rats, bed, dogs, sleep.


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