DAY 21 - 24/04/2021 - COVID-19

Published on 27 April 2021 at 11:45

My first night in hospital is ok, a private room with an en-suite isn’t so bad although I feel rough I’ll be able to get through this no probs.

Shortly after breakfast of toast the doctor visited me and breaks the news that my Covid test is positive and I have pneumonia to boot, I have to be moved to the intensive care unit along with other Covid patients in the hospital, it takes them until 10pm at night to be ready to move me and slowly wheeled down the new but rickety looking ramp system to the ground floor icu unit. The man carrying the oxygen isn’t quite in sync with the man pushing the wheelchair and it turns into a slight comedy act as they go in different directions and speeds down the ramps with a plastic tube connecting me between them.

ICU isn’t a great place, for obvious reasons, its very noisy and rather chaotic and is non stop until after midnight and kick starts again around 6 am, the nurses and doctors are however friendly and efficient and do everything to make me feel as comfortable as they can.

I try not to let my mind wander into ‘what if’s’ or think about dying in a Nepal ICU unit thousands of miles from home on my own, my iPhone keeps the life line I need to my wife and kids and they send me messages of support and encouragement on a regular basis.

I just need to get through this day by day...


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John Harvey
8 months ago

Wish you all the strength in the world Steve- stick in mate

David Blakey
8 months ago

Not the blog I wanted to read Steve. Sending heartfelt wishes and support to you on your recovery journey

Marisa Shutt
8 months ago

You are an incredibly inspiring person Steve and you will get through this. Thinking of you and sending our love Marisa, Rob and Thea x