DAY 23 - 26/04/2021 ICU

Published on 28 April 2021 at 12:47

Another day in ICU but on the upside I am starting to feel a little better, I’ve found the staff toilet and somewhere I can brush my teeth and what a difference to your mindset that makes - it’s the little things sometimes that give you the biggest lifts.

My wife has been doing Reiki at home in the UK for me and whilst I’m not one that is normally into that kind of long distance healing I do feel a lot better today so I’ll gladly take it that its the Reiki and ask her to keep up the good work for me! She’s been an absolute rock throughout this and has kept me sane and positive from the start, no dramas just total belief and positivity that I will get better - I owe her big time when I get home !!

I’ve managed to walk up and down the ward a bit doing some breathing exercises and have been given a 3 ball plastic thing to blow to aid my lung recovery - its a simple thing to suck up 3 balls but 3 people in their beds feel the need to instruct me on it and they are all wrong , I wonder who started this off by holding it upside down and passing onto the next person and telling them to do it that way - anyway I clarify the issue by reading the instructions (English) on the side of the box for them and a short demonstration and were soon a synchronised 3 ball sucking team in ICU! That doesn’t sound right :-)?

Everything else ok, Elite Exped are getting food and drinks to me and the doctor has suggested I could maybe move back to a room on the third floor tomorrow, fingers crossed!!!

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