DAY 24 - 27/04/2021 ICU

Published on 28 April 2021 at 13:07

There’s a change in ICU today, a calm efficient seriousness that wasn’t apparent before, the beds are all full now and i can sense a shift in energy, Kathmandu is going into lockdown as Covid outbreaks are happening all over the city and the open border with India and the situation there is making the doctors worry.

I see the doctors early and they are going to do a PCR test to see if its negative and I can be discharged or if not at least moved out of ICU - they need the beds back with some urgency now. The nurse comes to do the PCR and insist in pushing virtually the whole test stick into my nose until I wrestle her hand off me and we mutually agree it went far enough as she’s not getting a second go.

And then what little I have is being packed up into my rucksack and I’m being escorted out of ICU upstairs to another room, at least this is a a bit quieter and I have my own bathroom.

I’m hopeful my PCR will come back negative, I’ll be discharged and I can get out of here but at 6pm the doctor confirms I’m still positive, he cheerfully tells me it could be weeks or months before I get a negative test and i quickly forget what he says - it won’t do my positive mindset any good, there’s nothing I can do about it anyway so I wont waste energy thinking about it, I’m out of ICU so I’ll take that as today’s win and I’ve got a room with a view through barred windows of the local restaurant - what more can a man want!

I finish the day will a call from my wife and texts to my children and have received so many kind messages of concern from friends which has been so very much appreciated, everyone has been so genuinely kind and concerned it really gives me a boost to have so many people that care so much for me.

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Paul Heap
7 months ago

Onwards and upwards Steve. Great mental strength fella.