DAY 25 - 28/04/2021

Published on 29 April 2021 at 05:02

Its a slow day in hospital today but I’m glad to be in my own room still and have some relative peace and quiet, the best photo I can do today is one of my room - sorry even added a filter (of death as my wife calls them but that tag seems a little close to the bone given my current situation!) .

Usual day of rounds of tests, chest X-ray (don’t know why) and more pills and injections.

Managed to watch a few programmes on my iPad and listen to a new audio book to erode the days boredom and then played dinner lottery with the food menu, I’ve kind of worked out the in-house system now, they give me a menu, I order and they send me an interpretation of it - makes meal times interesting but I’ve learned to not ask for anything to be excluded as that’s always interpreted as pile extra on! Anyway diet plan is coming on a treat in the meantime.

Next PCR test if Friday so fingers crossed that goes well!!

Finally, thanks to anyone reading this nonsense, I’ve received quite a few messages saying people are so thanks for that, it’s as much for me and something to do as for others to read and is helping me to stay upbeat and positive about my situation. I read a great quote by John Lennon (his gran actually I think) today “Never say You are sick. Even if you are sick. Say you are healing. Words do manifest”.

That’s my mantra - I’m healing x

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Sue & John the Sycamores Middlethorpe
7 months ago

Hi Steve Been following your blog & so sorry to hear of your set back but hang on in there - just keep thinking positively & keeping your sense of humour as it’ll really help you through this. Wishing you well very soon!

Hana Moravčíková
7 months ago

Hi Steve,
thinking of you, praying for you, you picked a great mantra and I believe its already in the process. I had covid a couple of months ago too, took some time to get rid of it, so you know, no worries if you are still feeling too tired. I did WHM breathing twise a day in a very very adapted way - just 2 cycles of very slow 10 - 15 breaths... I did it rather for mental than physical sake... It calmed me down, put me to sleep and I guess thats what to body needs when its healing. Sending a big hug from Prague!