DAY 26 - 29/04/2021

Published on 29 April 2021 at 15:27

Decent nights sleep last night, 5am nurse checks and I listen to some music for awhile before getting myself motivated and up. I do a few rounds of breathing exercises and walk around my cell a bit to see how my lungs are doing - fair, not brilliant, but HEALING!

I take a shower, well try my best under the waist high tap, the hot of which is just for decoration and the shower head above doesn’t look like its been used much either, I suspect its not even connected to anything! Anyway it doesn’t matter I’m clean and a cold Wim Hof style shower is probably good for me!!

My next PCR test is tomorrow and I’ve got everything crossed for a negative result but whatever the outcome I’m getting out on Saturday, I’ve (with assistance and credit to Ashok at Elite Exped who has been brilliant through my whole stay in hospital bringing me food and drinks and checking on me) arranged with a hotel that even if I’m still positive I can go and isolate there and leave hospital, doctors seem happy with that plan and I think they need the bed back more than anything, also with more and more sick people coming in I’m not sure it’s the best place to get well for me, so feel in good spirits and looking forward to getting reunited with my bags and some clean underwear!!!!

Back on the mountain I see from my teams instagram accounts that they are preparing for the first rotation, as quick as the idea that I could go back up the mountain and try again pops in my head I dismiss it, the mountain will wait and my wife has been through enough for 2021 but one things for sure, one day, maybe next year maybe the year after I’ll get to the top of that mountain.

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