DAY 28 - 01/05/2021

Published on 1 May 2021 at 13:26

Hello all, not much to report from isolation inside a hotel room other than getting lots of message and kind notes from lots of friends and well wishers, so many people with such kindness and love is really beautiful and lifting me each day, so thank you to everyone that is taking the time to drop me a WhatsApp, messenger, email or call - much appreciated.

Win of the day has to be somehow my luggage getting through to me, some much needed clean clothes, a few personal items and more importantly my stash of Yorkie bars I was saving for the summit push - if they can’t lift my spirits and kill off this Covid nothing can, the shear joy of unwrapping a chocolate bar from my hometown and devouring each piece (no need to share in isolation!!) makes me feel like I’ve found the golden ticket to the chocolate factory - amazing, thoughts and taste of home!

Other than that nothing else to write today, feel positive and upbeat and optimistic this will soon be over and I’ll be able to think about coming home but for now I’ll stay present and focused on my current state of mind and trying to be productive whilst I’m out here, which is going well so watch out for another Grantside announcement soon on the purchase of another exciting building in the centre of York for redevelopment. What? You thought I’d be just sitting back watching Netflix whilst I’m in isolation, nope not me!

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Keith hardcastle
7 months ago

Thinking of you Steve,glad your recovering but gutted for you !! has been great ,and wise words!! Excellent news Grantisde has yet another York success excited to here more
Take care
Namaste 🙏