DAY 32 - 05/05/2021

Published on 5 May 2021 at 08:36

Not a great deal to report on as the image says it all really, my latest PCR test is still showing me positive for Covid-19 and international flights from Nepal are now grounded until 14th May so even when/if I get a negative result I wont be going anywhere anytime soon, although I’ll be glad to be able to leave my hotel room and get some fresh air.

I’m just glad to be on the mend and healing and out of hospital, the situation in Nepal is worsening each day and I feel for a country that is ill equipped to deal with the Covid pandemic and am grateful for everyone in this wonderful country who has helped me and taken care of me as much as they have done.

Its interesting for me that the co-living scheme I have been progressing in Kelham Island, Sheffield that has been recently submitted for planning was focussed on community and social living, the need for developments to understand and promote the wellbeing and needs of people in residential developments and the isolation and loneliness they perhaps feel and I feel my situation here has given me a little insight further into this. The connectivity with the outside world I’ve managed to maintain with family and friends via technology has been a lifeline but the need to physically interact with others is a definite aspect I’m missing, humans need other humans! Fresh air and nature is a craving I have, looking out the window at a garden doesn’t quite cut it and although I can hear other people I can’t leave my room so the hub bub of just been around other people is something I’m missing, even just to be around some strangers. This is giving me some really useful insights into how this situation actually feels from a first person perspective and I’m making notes and ideas as to how we can address some of these issues in our developments to promote even further wellbeing in both the home and workplace.  Taking this as an opportunity now to progress my thoughts and focus on the spaces and places that we create at Grantside.

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