Day 2 - Rest Day in Kathmandu

Published on 11 April 2022 at 09:38

A bit of a restless night last night and a light dose of food poisoning gets my day off to a cracking start with a fire alarm in the hotel as well for good measure - no worries it’s all part of the experience and I’ve downed some medication, drinking lots of water and will be fine.

Tensi comes to my room at midday to do an equipment check and we empty my two duffel bags and go through the checklist of stuff needed, he’s not happy with my crampons (too blunt after too much use) so he’s going to get me a new sharper pair but other than that I’m good to go and I re-pack my bags trying to make sure my equipment is properly split between the bag that will go direct to basecamp by helicopter and the bag that will come with me and be taken up by Yak as I hike up to base camp staying at tea houses along the way.

After the rough night I’m glad to have a day to relax in the hotel and catch up on some sleep (and be in short sprinting distance of a toilet should it be needed but fingers crossed it seems to have passed now!) and speak to my family at home who are very supportive of what I’m doing.

Mingma Gyabu will let me know the flight time for tomorrow later and I keep my fingers crossed that the weather will be ok to fly (it hasn’t been great up to now apparently), I’m not sure who will be on the heli with me and I’ll find out when I get to the airport I guess and then I’ll have around six days to hike up to Everest basecamp and link up with the rest of the team and Nimsdai. 

For now the rest of the day is my own and I can enjoy the pool and sunshine for a bit and focus on the task ahead.

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