Grantside is a property development and investment company based in York, UK and delivers environmentally responsible and socially aware places and spaces within the residential, commercial and logistics sectors and has set a project target to develop only net carbon neutral developments by 2030.

Grantside builds people based developments that embrace and nurture wellbeing alongside exceptional design, specification adn technology to create environments where people live, work and thrive.

Grantside is proud to be supporting Steve on his expedition to Everest/Lhotse to produce a documentary on climate change to reinforce the importance of action and how property developments can promote and support sustainable methods of construction to achieve our carbon neutral goal. 

Elite Exped is British-Nepalese expedition provider based in London. Founded by a team of passionate climbers and adventurers from both countries, providing bespoke mountain adventures in Nepal, and around the globe, taking in the most spectacular and challenging climbing locations on the planet, including Annapurna, K2 and Everest.

Elite leads expeditions to the world’s fourteen highest mountains, peak climbing expeditions which allow you to discover local cultures and geography, and spectacular hiking, trekking and rafting adventures that provide exhilarating access to unexplored wilderness.

Founded by Nirmal Purja MBE - "Nims" they provide a platform for those who seek to push their limit on extreme adventurers. 



Sandro Gromen Hayes is a photographer and film maker specialising in expedition, defence and hostile environment work.

Sandro will be capturing the expedition in order to produce a short documentary for Grantside on the effects of climate change in the Himalayan region, the dramatic effects on the glacier here and the changing shape of Mount Everest will outline in graphic details the impacts of climate change adn global warming on the environment.

Sandro has spent several years travelling the planet in search of his next extreme adventure, camera in one hand and ice axe in the other! Including multiple expeditions with Nims during his successful Project Possible and Winter K2 record breaking challenges.

Follow him on Instagram @sandro.g.h