Day 6 - Deboche to Dingboche

Published on 15 April 2022 at 11:06

After the best nights sleep I’ve had on expedition so far, we have breakfast of cheese omelette, boiled vegetables and toast and then grab our backpacks and head off for another day trekking in yet again another glorious sunshine day to Dingboche at an altitude of 4,410m.

We leave the pine tree forests and rhododendrons behind us and its not long before were winding up the valley into a new dusty dry landscape with little vegetation as the climate become harsher.

We track along the river coming down from the glacier, stopping to take pictures along the way and admire the breathtaking views, it really is spectacular, every time you raise your head  to look around you are greeted with yet anther picture postcard view of mountains with the massive Ama Dablam towering over the trail. We trek on through Pangboche (quick cup of masala tea in a tea house) and then onto Shomare for an early lunch.

The trek is fairly busy today with trekkers heading to Everest Base Camp and they enjoy the trek at a slower pace so we weave our way through them and the yaks coming down the trail from delivering equipment and trekkers bags and make good time arriving into Dingboche around 2pm passing what must be the highest snooker  hall in the world so I pop my head to let them know Steve Davis is in town!. We’re supposed to be here two nights to rest before heading on but I feel great and convince TJ and Azay that we only need to stay one night much to their delight, not!

TJ and I head out the lodge and do a quick trek up the hillside behind the hotel  to get some acclimatisation for a couple of hours.

I’ve got some time before dinner so head down to Cafe 4410 on ‘main street’ and grab a latte and slice of brownie cake and hope their Wi-Fi is better than elsewhere, its not so I settle in to watch the movie playing on their big screen. Not sure who chose the movie but the disaster movie Everest telling the tale of Rob Hall’s last climb of Everest seems a strange choice given the location, I will see the memorial to Rob Hall and many others tomorrow and his body is still on the mountain but it does bring home the dangers involved in climbing these mountains, anyway good movie all the same.

Tomorrow we head to Loboche and after that basecamp, I’ve seen videos on instagram and the set up looks amazing so I’m looking forward to getting there and settled in for the next six weeks.

Dhal Bat for dinner tonight  yum!


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Richard Farrey
2 years ago

How did the 'break' go? did you get a 147?