Day 9 - Basecamp

Published on 18 April 2022 at 13:00

An average night’s sleep last night but not so bad given the altitude and speed we came up, I effectively did York to Everest Base Camp in seven days and am feeling good, strong and none of usual symptoms associated with altitude sickness or several days on the trek route.

Breakfast starts with a bowl of rice pudding with some raisins and then some poached eggs on toast which is a good start.

Today marks a dark anniversary day in Everest as on 18th April 2014 16 Sherpas were killed when they were caught in a serac icefall on the western spur of Everest and it will be a quiet day in camp as appropriate respect is paid to the day. 

Most of us head out to trek up a nearby mountain to get acclimatised upto 5,500m, its a windy days which makes it quite cold as we snake our way out of basecamp and upon the route and it takes about two hours to reach the peak where we stay for about 45 minutes before heading back down to base camp in time for lunch.

The team are looking forward to a shower this afternoon as they haven’t been allowed to have one up to now until everyone is confirmed fit and well, one team member is not well and I haven’t met him as yet as he has been confined to his tent upto now, hopefully he will be up and about soon. I’m not allowed a shower for a few more days yet so manage to avoid the lengthy debate about who is going in the shower first before Nims  pops into say only 4 to 6 showers (half the team) will be available and then rest will have to wait until tomorrow, its not so bad for the men but the girls with long hair seem to be struggling with the situation!

The two guys from the Lobuche team seem to be up and about and much better today which is good news.

The rest of the afternoon I manage to update this blog!

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Richard Farrey
2 years ago

Love the blog. York to basecamp in a week. That's an achievement in itself. Sobering to see that you have an eye fixed on those people who have lost their lives in a number of the blogs to date. Great photos btw.