Day 14 - Rest day meet the team

Published on 23 April 2022 at 08:11

Today is a rest day in camp after our trek into the Icefall yesterday and we await an update from Mingma David as to whether we start our rotation tomorrow or the day after, this depends on how far the rope fixing team has got as we wont go until they have at least fixed the rope to Camp 3.

So now seems a good time to introduce my fellow climbing team members,


Marta - 37 years old from Poland but living in London working for an investment bank and about to launch her own clothing brand, Rappel - hiking wear designed specifically for female hikers. Marta was on Everest in 2021 but her trip was cut short due to the Covid outbreak so is hoping to reach the summit of Everest this year.


Silvia - 35 year old from Bulgaria , adventurer and influencer Silvia was on the Ama Dablam expedition back in November 2021 with me and is a strong climber making fast progress in the world of mountain climbing, Silvia is making a summit attempt of both Everest and Lhotse.


David - another fellow climber from Ama Dablam, David comes from Sweden where he runs Tough Viking - one of the toughest obstacle races in the world and affectionately nicknamed ‘Big Dave’ due to his Viking like statue over everyone else in camp.


Magda - 33 year old polish women living in Kathmandu, Magda was on the Ama Dablam expedition and is relatively knew to high altitude mountain climbing but making great progress and is a strong climber making an attempt to summit Everest.


Alex - 36 year old from London who runs a private luxury travel company, an experienced climber Everest will mark the seventh of the seven summits  challenge for Alex who is here to complete a summit  climb of both Everest and Lhotse.


Remy - 33 year old from Cape Town, South Africa and a specialist in wellness and sustainability advising corporates on how to incorporate and improve their facilities, camp Yoga instructor and experienced mountaineer, Remy was on Everest last year but her trip was cut short due to the covid outbreak but she has returned to summit Everest and Lhotse and is climbing for the charity


Deeya Pun - a Nepalese actor and nurse living in London, Deena was on the expedition to climb Manaslu back in 2019.


Alasdair McKenzie - at 17 years old, French/Scottish Alistair is a former professional skier and now turning his hand to mountain climbing, attempting to summit Lhotse which, if successful, would make him the youngest person to summit that 8,000+ mountain.


Mario - at the other end of the scale at 66 years old Mario is the oldest member of the team and comes from Ecuador - an example to us all to keep living the dream.


Sabrina - 41 year old from Austria and a four times Olympic Games competitor in Judo and two times gold medalist in the European Judo Championships. Sabrina’s journey here started in Digha, India where she set off on her bicycle across India and then Nepal to Kathmandu before hiking up to Everest Base Camp and will be attempting to summit Everest without oxygen. 


Tejan - 27 year old Nepalese known at ‘TJ’ and a close relative of Nims, TJ serves in the British Army and was my hiking buddy from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp and will be attempting both Everest and Lhotse.


Dr Badr - sportsman, adventurer and entrepreneur from Saudi Arabia and making a documentary for Saudi Arabian TV on climbing Everest as part of his mission to promote sport and exercise in Saudi Arabia. .


Camera/Drone/Video Crew


Brodie Hood - from Fort William, Scotland I first met Brodie on Ama Dablam and its great to see him back on this trip continuing to record the expeditions for Elite with his epic photography and video.  Straight after this expedition Brodie will be heading to K2 and Broad Peak to film there. See his work on instagram at @brodiehoodmedia 


Steele Davis - from  Georgia, Atlanta and one of the worlds top freestyle  drone flying pilots, he flies his high speed drone around base camp , in and out of tents and  up the Khumbu Icefall creating some amazing footage of the Everest region. See him on instagram @mrsteelepfv 


Azay Khadka - A Nepalese photographer who hiked up with TJ and I from Namche Bazaar. See him on instagram @lifeofrebel 


Gabriel Tarso - accompanying Dr Badr to film his documentary, An artist, outdoor photography and filmmaker, see him on instagram @gtarso_



Agnieszka Wiernik - from  Katowice, Poland, an extreme and travel medicine specialist, keeping a check on us all and dealing with any medical needs.




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Great to read your very informative blog Steve Love mum & dad xx