DAY 27 - Not every day is a good day

Published on 6 May 2022 at 04:05

Being away from home and on the mountain or in Kathmandu for so long it’s inevitable that some days will be better than others, today’s a shit day.

It started badly and got worse for a whole host of reasons, whether it‘s things at home or  the mountain politics, gossip and paranoia - it would rival any reality TV show sometimes!

I wont go into any of them as it’s as tedious to write as it is to endure but suffice to say it’s a low points in the trip, hopefully this will reflect the bottom and it will pick back up from here.

We fly tomorrow, not today as a I said yesterday, but still weather permitting so hopefully I’ll be blogging from basecamp tomorrow with a summit plan in tow, we have a few cardio days and train hikes I’m informed when we return, presumably to test if we’ve got fat and lazy whilst in Kathmandu so no doubt we will hit the ground running when we return.

For now, I’ll keep positive, meditate and the belief in myself that I can achieve this and the goal of standing on top of the world.

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Richard Farrey
2 years ago

Will it be easy? No. Worth it? Hell yes!