DAY 22 - 25/04/2021 ICU

Published on 28 April 2021 at 12:34

Not a great deal to write about in ICU, I haven’t moved off my bed and (not complaining) its just a constant cycle of tests and checks from 5am to after midnight, I’ve lost count of the number of canulars I’ve had stuck in me that seem to work for a bit and then stop and my arms are like pin cushions, swollen and bruised.

The days are long and watching the  activity of other patients is all I’ve got to do, everyone has Covid at one stage or another and most are worse than me, old and confused - others look quite desperate and haven’t moved and by the way the doctors crowd round their beds scratching their heads I dont think will be moving again.

Its not fair to compare to hospitals at home in the UK, things are different here, the culture, the poverty, the different methods - the patient medical care is good but the place is filthy, the single toilet doesn’t have a door lock (doesn’t even have a door that closes properly) and there’s no suggestion of being able to wash or brush my teeth anywhere, still I’m here to get better not enjoy the lie down so will just have to make the most of it.

One more day done/survived and i can look forward to 3 hours unbroken sleep before some event requires the lights and action to kick in again but I’ll be into the next day then....

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