DAY 27 - 30/04/2021

Published on 30 April 2021 at 21:04

Discharge day from hospital today, up early to get medications, injections and all important Covid test (had the usual ‘debate struggle’ with the nurse on the Covid test that just because the swab is 6 inches long it doesn’t need to go that far into my nose, not sure where she’s trying to swab but feels like the back of my skull!).

Breakfast done and seen the doc and am now just waiting on discharge papers, meds to take away and my ambulance taxi, its only just after 8am and I’m packed and ready to be off now.

More doctors, same questions, same statements, same waiting for papers, discharge, etc, etc....

3.30pm nothing seems to be happening....

Finally after a further wait I’m told to grab my bag and walked outside to a waiting ambulance - paperwork, discharge papers, meds??? Not ready, will send later!! Mmmm can I have my medication at least, after another debate I finally get that at least and hop into the back of the ambulance.

The driver clearly has mixed up the priority routes - when going towards hospital its probably an emergency to drive fast, when heading away from hospital its probably not so I’m surprised to be rolling around the back of the ambulance whilst he takes the streets of Kathmandu like an F1 driver might tackle Monaco, unfortunately the quality of streets is quite different as we bump over pot holes, through police checkpoints and around corners on two wheels on the wrong side of the road - fortunately because of lockdown there’s not much traffic and typically I can see 4x4’s behind us frightenly close still trying to overtake the ambulance or are we been chased? Nothing would surprise me on this trip now as I think I’m probably going to be back in hospital shortly if he loses control on the roundabout were clearly going straight over with no brakes next. Fortunately in the small streets of the Thamel district he gets lost which slows things down a bit and we finally arrive at the hotel, he half opens the boot and I climb out, thankfully in one piece! He’s then directed by security that he’s parked in the wrong place so indicates I should get back in, in a Yorkshire colourful collection of words I indicate to him there’s no way I’m getting back in and what I think of his driving - can’t tell if he’s confused, sorry or pleased! I grab my backpack and walk the rest of the way, hotel security directs me to my room up the 5 flights of stairs (after which I can hardly breathe) and into my room to isolate, its an improvement on my hospital room and I’m glad to be out but its no Claridges!

I manage to get some food and finally a hot shower, then learn that my bags weren’t allowed through the police checkpoints so not sure when I’ll get them now as lockdown in place for another 10 days.

Final message of the day via WhatsApp informs me my Covid test is still positive.

Will have to work on some meditation tomorrow as feel my positivity slipping away, end the evening by firing off an email to my insurance company again to challenge their refusal to pay out-some of their own small print doesn’t sound right so worth another go and someone to vent my frustrations at anyway!

What a day!

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