Day 0 - Reload, Reload, Reload!!!!

Published on 9 April 2022 at 14:31

9th April 2022 and the day has finally arrived for me to head back to Nepal to summit Mt Everest and Lhotse, its been a long year waiting for the opportunity to go again after being airlifted off the mountain with illness last year. A period of recovery, another mountain, another dose of covid, more days in the gym than I ever thought possible and I'm  back in the saddle about to head to Manchester airport - probably to face my biggest challenge to get through security if the photos on social media are anything to go by!!


I'll be trying to keep a daily blog going on here, subject to wi-fi connection in the mountains so may have to upload multiple days when I can but I'll do my best, swear less and try to give you the best insight I can into climbing the worlds highest peak and all that goes with it.


Most of the team has set off already up the mountain and I'm playing catch up to rendezvous with them hopefully before base camp and am hoping I wont feel like the surprise guest you see on I'm a Celebrity  who comes in and upsets the new found balance, crashes new friendship groups and sits in someone's favourite spot - I'll let you know how it goes! :-) 


Goodbyes have been done, fantastic brunch in my favourite place on Bishopthorpe Road having already eaten at my other favourite place earlier in the week try either or both if you're in York they are amazing! Manchester airport here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Update #1: Literally breezed through Manchester airport, hardly anyone in the airport at all - great start!!

Update #2: An easy flight from Manchester and landed in Hamad International Airport, Doha, flying past the Stadium 974 as we came in, a brand new 40,000 seater stadium built for the FIFA World Cup out of 974 shipping containers  (974 is also the international dialling code for Qatar but it sounds a bit rubbish to be named after a dialling code) it’s fully demountable, after the World Cup its planned to be dismantled and erected elsewhere - it’s designed to achieve a five star certification in the Global Sustainability Assessment System.


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