DAY 29 - Active Rest Day

Published on 8 May 2022 at 13:13

Usual routine to start the day - out of bed, quick change into day clothes, search out my Nalgene bottle from inside my sleeping bag that kept me warm and is now cool enough to add electrolytes and start my day firing down a concoction of vitamins with the litre of super water.

Breakfast is part from my ‘care package’ and part cooked, it’s not bad today and I’m feeling pretty good, no headaches, no pains and ready for a hike up Pumori to gain some elevation and stretch out the muscles, I donate one off my baguettes to Alastair who looks at it like I’ve just given him his best Christmas present ever before its devoured and gone in record time! Never have I seen joy and happiness through receiving a simple baguette as Alastair displayed this morning.

Everyone is in good spirits and Mingma David meets us outside with Pem as everyone readies themselves and checks their kit, I’,m leading us up the mountain today so head out of camp with the team following and Pem at the back, it’s a steady slow walk as usual at altitude and we make our way out of basecamp and up to the ridge line before cutting back on the ridge to follow it up, there’s a path of sorts but mostly its up and over rocks and boulders, quite steep and trying not to dislodge anything that might wipe out someone behind me - it’s a joint effort to navigate the route between myself, Alex and Dave and it takes about and hour and a half to reach the resting point at the top, being acclimatised we can move quicker up the mountains now so the same climb took us over three hours when we arrived is a fairly easy hike today, we rest at the top for 50 minutes to get the most of the elevation gain into our system - new red blood cells forming that will help us later and then it starts to snow so we pack up and descend at as rapid pace as we can over the rocks and boulders looking for the route down and back to basecamp.

Once back, we get lunch and then have the afternoon to chill and relax and get a chance to catch up with the new guys that have arrived, Juan from Mexico; Luke from Sydney Australia and Axel from France, joining the team and whilst we are hanging out in the basecamp cafe a film crew arrive filming a documentary that will be staying with us in basecamp for a couple of weeks - more news to follow on this as a I find out more!

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