DAY 30 - Puja & Planning

Published on 9 May 2022 at 07:36

I woke to the sound of helicopters coming into basecamp this morning, finally able to get through the low lying cloud and bring Nimsdai back to camp to rejoin us for the final push of our expedition.

We breakfast at 9am and everyone eats quietly as we have been promised a briefing/update afterwards and we all know the ropes are fixed, the camps are set and the weather looks good so are really hoping the briefing gives us a summit plan schedule that we can focus on.

Nimsdai delivers in the briefing, we go tonight after 2am breakfast and our rough schedule will be;

10th - Climb through the icefall passing through camp 1 to Camp 2

11th - Rest in Camp 2

12th - Climb to Camp 3 (on oxygen from here)

13th - Climb to Camp 4

14th or 15th - Everest Summit and back to Camp 4

15th or 16th - Lhotse summit and back down to Camp 2

16th or 17th - Camp 2 to Basecamp

Following the briefing we had another puja for the new guys that have joined us and I was able to take part in this one having missed most of first one on my day of arrival, so I was glad to take part in the ceremony and receive my blessing. 

For the rest of the day now, I will check my equipment and gear, check everything is charged up and that I’ve got everything I need for the next few days and then it’s a mind game for the rest of the day preparing myself for the next week of endurance and test of my mind, body and soul , I will try and meditate and visualise for an hour or so and after an early dinner will try and have a last call home to my family and sleep as best I can.

The time has come, its been such a long journey to get to this point and I’m feeling good, positive and ready for whatever I’m going to face in the next week, Mingma David will be at my side and pushing me up and my goal is get up, summit, get down - mission accomplished.

Obviously I’ve not Wi-Fi so my blog will pause here but I’ll record my thoughts each day as best as I can on my iPhone and post them here when I return.


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